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有福新闻 UfqiNews

有福新闻UfqiNews呈现热点全局, 尺寸间一览所有令人关注的疑点焦点;
有福新闻UfqiNews表达条分缕析, 视野内一睹各个脉络清晰的故事主线.

有福新闻UfqiNews 带来全新的资讯阅览体验, 不信息过载, 亦不信息茧房.

媒介插上人工智能的翅膀将如虎添翼, 与资讯比翼双飞.
新闻爱好者的良心之选, 匠心之作.

有福新闻UfqiNews 寻求最大可能的新闻资讯立场中立、内容客观、真实,数据准确
为此,我们隔离了收入运营团队和内容编辑团队,目前 有福新闻UfqiNews、 有福常在UfqiLong有福经典UfqiClsc有福工坊UfqiWork有福金融UfqiFina 等产品的收入来源于独立的第三方的自动化的智能式广告,即与Ufqi.com无直接关联,也与编辑团队无任何联系。

好的开始是成功的一半,让 我们一起走向胜利!
通过浏览器将 有福新闻UfqiNews 添加到桌面.



UfqiNews 有福新闻

UfqiNews presents the hot spots globally, with all interesting points at a glance.
Information is organized here and there is a clear storyline within every single detail.

UfqiNews brings a brand new reading experience, no information overload and no information Cocoons,

In seeking a balance of the maximum social consensus and meeting thousands of people for each interest,
In achieving a balance between satisfying a wide range of hunting and pursuing specialization in the industry.

That media is being born with wings of the artificial intelligence will be even more powerful and the information will fly swifter than ever.

Better choices of newsreaders and the art of work from them.

UfqiNews seeks the largest possible for news information with neutral viewpoints, objective contents, truthfulness and accurate data.
For this reason, we have isolated the revenue operation team and the content editing team. At present, the revenue of products such as UfqiNews, UfqiLong, UfqiClsc, UfqiWork and UfqiWork comes from independent third-party automated smart advertising, namely It has No direct connection with Ufqi.com, nor any connection with the editorial team.

This model of outside third-party double-blind advertising-supported news information is different from 1) media funded by a certain group, 2) media supported by user subscription fees, and 3) media with its own advertising operations. The new attempts and explorations allowed the "fourth power" of civil society to operate according to its free will under the sun for the first time.
A good start is a half success for the battle, let us move towards victory together! Add UfqiNews to the desktop through the browser. Tiejian Dan Daoyi for readers brought with food and clothing as parents; Bingbi Shu Chunqiu handed down the history of everything in the world.

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