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有福常在UfqiLong 是一种网络精选内容的存档合集,致力于长久地保存,常常地出现在读者的视野,以期实现对传统文化的精华部分的传承与发扬。

有福常在UfqiLong 收录各类优选内容的三原则:
1. 细节与数据
2. 专业与深度
3. 时间与空间

有福常在UfqiLong 内容来源于已经公开发表于网络各类载体,绝大多数是已进入公有领域的。若有创作者主张相关内容的著作权,请通过下面的方式联系我们,或请求删除,或协商分享收益。

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UfqiLong 有福常在

UfqiLong (You Fu Chang Zai) is an archive collection of selected online content, dedicated to long-term preservation, and often appearing in the reader's field of vision, in order to realize the inheritance and development of the essence of traditional culture.

There are the three principles of collecting various types of best content in UfqiLong:
1. Details and data
The content of the article has a lot of data and detailed descriptions;
2. Professionalism and depth
The content of the article comes from a specific field of the industry/professional, and the disclosed content helps the public to understand the specific industry/professional, helps resolve social differences, and helps reach a social consensus;
3. Time and Space
The content of the article can stand the test of time, lengthen the distance between time and space, and still have the value or significance of rereading after three to five years.

In UfqiLong The content comes from various media that have been published on the Internet, most of which have entered the public domain. If a creator claims the copyright of the relevant content, please contact us through the following methods, or request deletion, or negotiation Share the benefits.

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