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有福经典UfqiClsc 是全人类传统优秀文化的网络再呈现,其致力于通过互联网络将传统文化中的书籍、图画、音乐、电影、软件等作品以不同的载体形式展现在读者面前。通过互联网络,有福经典UfqiClsc 希望能够将人类文化中的智慧瑰宝无差别地呈现在每一个网民面前,以期为往圣继绝学,为万世开太平。

有福经典UfqiClsc 评选优秀传统作品的三项原则:
1. 五十年前成名
2. 广为传颂代际传承
各入选作品经过历史的沉淀已融入文化体系的一部分,各作品的主要社会性评分在 8/10 或者 4/5 以上;
3. 五十年后延续

有福经典UfqiClsc 内容来源于已经公开发表于网络各类载体,绝大多数是已进入公有领域的。若有创作者主张相关内容的著作权,请通过下面的方式联系我们,或请求删除,或协商分享收益。

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UfqiClsc 有福经典

UfqiClsc (You Fu Jing Dian, The Blessed Classic) is a network re-presentation of the traditional excellent culture of all mankind. It is committed to presenting books, pictures, music, movies, software and other works of traditional culture to readers in different forms through the Internet. UfqiClsc hopes to present the treasures of wisdom in human culture indiscriminately in front of every netizen, hoping to inherit the sacred learning and open peace for all ages.

Three principles for the selection of excellent traditional works by UfqiClsc:
1. Become famous fifty years ago
Most of the selected works were published 50 years ago, and most of them are famous works by top figures in various fields;
2. Widely extolling inter-generational inheritance
Each selected work has been integrated into a part of the cultural system after historical precipitation, and the main social score of each work is 8/10 or 4/5;
3. Continuation after fifty years
There will still be people reading and watching the works fifty years later.

The content of UfqiClsc comes from various media that have been publicly published on the Internet, and most of them are in the public domain. If a creator claims the copyright of the relevant content, please contact us through the following methods, or request deletion, or negotiate to share the benefits.

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Tiejian Dan Daoyi for readers brought with food and clothing as parents;
Bingbi Shu Chunqiu handed down the history of everything in the world.

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